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Lower the thermostat on your hot water heater to 120°F. Take short showers instead of baths. Wash only full loads of dishes and clothes

TCED Current Projects & Updates

Scam Alert

Someone falsely claiming to represent Tell City Electric Department is placing fraudulent telephone calls to local businesses. The caller informs the customer that their electric service will be cut off unless the customer goes provides account information and various steps. THESE CALLS ARE SCAMS! These callers are not affiliated or employed by Tell City Electric Department in any way.  HANG UP THE PHONE.

If you have questions about your account or are concerned about any telephone calls you have received, please call the Tell City Electric Department at 547-3411.


Superintendent's Report

Dennis Dixon has been hired and is now Superintendent of Tell City Electric Department. 

Dennis has 34 years of experience with electric utilities. Previously, Dennis served as Superintendent of the Marshall, Michigan municipal electric department. Dennis has also been employed by Peabody, Massachusetts Municipal Light & Power and Richmond, Indiana Power and Light. Dennis served with Richmond for 29 years, where his last position was Manager of Power Delivery.



The City of Tell City is in the process of a proposed annexation. Should this annexation be passed, the service boundary of Tell City Electric Department will change.

Currently Southern Indiana Power (SIP) is serving a majority of the homes and businesses in the proposed annexation area. Tell City Electric Department has reached an agreement with SIP whereby Tell City Electric Department will provide service to 38 customers in the proposed annexation area.

By State Statute, Tell City Electric Department has three years to provide service to these 38 customers. We are planning to have electric service to these customers within two years.


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The Tell City Electric Department Board of Directors meets monthly on the third Tuesday at 6:00pm (unless the meeting date is changed). The meeting is held at the Commercial Office at 601 Main Street. The Public is welcome to attend. A meeting "Agenda" is available by calling the office at 812-547-3411